It’s easy to disregard your own comfort especially in societies where the norm is to think of others before yourself. Most people believe it’s noble to serve others. While that is true, it also doesn’t hurt to do things for you. After all, nobody else lives your own life – you do. Everyone wants comfort but seems to be waiting for other people to give it to them, so why not allow yourself to enjoy the little things in life?

If you’re ever in a low moment in your life, here are five things that can help make you feel better.

A Good Book

Fresh ideas enrich the mind, and you can find such refreshing ideas and scenarios in books. While you can read jokes, articles, and random things online, the papery, earthy feel of thumbing through the pages of a book, new or old, can give perspective to your worries, no matter how petty or significant you may think they may be. If you’re unsure what to read, there are varieties of genres and ideas that can give you different reading experiences. You may even feel lighter about your current problem after finishing a good book.

A Cup of Coffee or Tea

A cup or two of freshly brewed coffee wakes you up in a gloomy morning. The soothing power of green or black tea cleanses your palate, giving you a fine perspective on a rainy afternoon of seemingly endless sorrow. Should you be in a bad mood or an unpleasant situation, take a 30-minute break, or make it one hour, and sip away the worries with a cup of coffee, or tea. A cup of hot chocolate will soothe you, too.

A Hot Bath

This is cliché but taking a long, hot bath after a tiring day at work does relax your muscles and mind. While not everyone has a bathtub at home, there are plenty of spa or sauna places in most places these days, so go book a two-hour session if it suits you. Indulge in your own comfort; rest your body and your mind will follow.

A Nature Trip

While going on a weekend nature trip involves more resources than reading a book, drinking a cup of coffee, or taking a hot bath, spending a day or two outdoors gives you more benefits, too. Going to the beach or climbing a mountain allows you to breathe cleaner air, clearing your mind and resting your eyes from hours of staring at a computer screen. You may even make new friends, too. Make sure to go offline and be in the moment. You’re only doing this once so make the most out of your nature experience.

A Pat on the Back

This may sound absurd to some people, but acknowledging your own efforts in life matters, too. Again, why wait for others to recognize your worth if you can sit yourself down and give yourself a pat on the back or even a high five as a reward for a job well done? You cleaned your room after months of leaving everything in disarray, so go ahead and appreciate yourself. After all, the little things matter in life, and you deserve all the good things right now.