As set by design experts, last year’s colors were serenity and rose quartz. For this year, green is in once again. The color that connotes nature, freshness, and growth does fit the New Year, doesn’t it? After all, this is a time for setting new goals, redesigning space, and brainstorming new ideas.

Green brings fresh energy to a place, that’s why people who go on a nature trip feel energized and ready for new challenges. If you’re somehow bored with the space that you work and live in, perhaps it’s time for renovation. Here are four places in your life that may need a boost from 2017’s official design color.

At Home

The existing design in your home depends on your taste. Some people prefer the hard, stark lines of modern design, while others go for the seemingly blank space in Japanese or minimalist principles. Most people live in structures made of concrete, while there are some who like living in earthy, wooden homes. No matter what your existing design and building materials are at the moment, perhaps it’s time to introduce more greens in your abode.

Incorporating green paints and live indoor plants in your bedroom, living room, and kitchen is a way of bringing nature inside your home. Green complements brown, white, yellow, and other earth tones, too. Consider putting in more green for your next home renovation project.

In the Office

While red, orange, and blue can be colors for productivity and creativity, it doesn’t hurt to add more green tones in the office, too. Green refreshes the eyes, allowing your employees to rest their tired eyes without having to go on a weekend nature trip. There are also a lot of varieties of indoor plants that you can put on your desk. This will balance all the black, chrome, and other stark colors on your desk, giving you a more relaxed work space and maybe even allowing you to be more productive if you’re feeling well rested.

Your New Car

If you’re aiming to buy a new car this year, consider getting a dark green vehicle, too. This is just to break away from the usual silver, white, or black that you see on the road. Dark green sedans or SUVs look classy and solid, and are somehow safer to drive than red cars. If you don’t like a green car, you can modify your accessories so they’re green and you’re more relaxed while driving in the city.

Your Wardrobe

Green may not suit everyone’s style and complexion, but why not consider wearing more of this color this year? A dark green sweater will look well with khaki pants and brown loafers. A light green scarf will complement your pastel blouses and neutral tone shoes. If you’re used to wearing black, blue, and brown clothes, perhaps it’s time to jazz up your wardrobe with green accessories as well.

Green energizes any space it occupies, and to experience a livelier atmosphere at home, at work, and in transit, try incorporating 2017’s color in your life.