There is no denying that hospitals, much like businesses, also compete with each other. Why is the case you might ask? It is so because people tend to consider several aspects in a hospital, much as they do for other things in life. Another reason why hospitals compete with each other is that the healthcare industry in UAE is booming for a number of years now. You visit a hospital to get treatment and when you come back after a year or two, you see many chances in the premises, staff, machinery and faculty. This is so because patients expect their hospitals to invest money to improve their services and facilities. Here is more on why hospitals in Sharjah are competing against one another:


Stiff Competition

With diseases going on a rampage and more people falling prey, hospitals in Sharjah UAE now have a big role to play. Off course, hospitals having meager financial resources are going to struggle to keep up with those who have abundant finances. However, the quality of treatment solely depends on the faculty and staff they have. Usually, private hospitals take the crown when it comes to efficient healthcare. They are private, so the patients have to pay for the treatment and facilities they get.

This is not the case with government hospitals who don’t charge as much fees as their private counterparts. They are run on government budget which is barely sufficient to run their daily expenses. There is not enough room to spend money lavishly on facilities, machinery, staff and faculty. That’s why you don’t often see the best physicians working in these hospitals as most of them are employed by private hospitals in Sharjah. See More

Treatment Facilities

As discussed above, patients go to a hospital once they’ve considered several things. For instance, they will avoid admitting into one that lacks adequate facilities. Also, a hospital with a dirty looking premises and suffocated environment will likely to head to another one. Not only this, but such patients are going to spread the word of mouth to their social circle as well. Imagine the negative publicity a hospital gets this way. This is where most private Sharjah hospitals take an upper hand over their government counterparts. Private hospitals spend a fortune in enhancing the environment and facilities.

These hospitals also tend to hire the best physicians and experts who provide the best treatment and earn them a good name.