Bean bags are cool piece of furniture that are comfortable and fun to sit on. They make the room look more modern as well as casual. Sitting rooms and gaming rooms have often lounge or single bean bags in it. They are available in wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and fabrics. The bean bags are made up of expanded polystyrene, PVC pellets and dried beans.  It does not have any specific shape and settles around the one sitting on it thus, making it comfortable to sit on. Bean bags are made up of variety of fabrics that need cleaning after some time. Often bean bags when delivered have instruction brochure that guides the ways and products to clean it. 

Here are some instructions that need to be followed while cleaning up the bean bags: 

  •  If your bean bag cover is made up cotton then cleaning it is an easy task. Unzip the cover and take it off. Check if the lining needs to replaced. Wash your bean bag cover in a machine with either hot or cold water with a good quality detergent. Dry the cover in air or dry it on medium heat. After drying the cover, adjust or replace the linings and put on your dried cotton cover. Apply fabric fragrance for a fresh experience.
  • If your beanbag cover is made up of vinyl then you can not wash it. Check if there are spots on the cover. Use a soft bristled brush with hot soapy water and scrub the spots off. Make sure the brush is not hard that might damage your vinyl cover. Clean the rest of the cover with a cloth dipped in soapy warm water.
  • If your luxurious living room have a bean bag of made up of suede then it needs extra care. You can use terry towels to clean the suede and also suede eraser that is easily available in market. Also you can use metal brushes made for suede fabric that not only cleans it but also raises it velvety side. After cleaning it always spray it with protective spray for suede that keeps the suede soft.
  • If your bean bag cover is made up of plush fabric then use vacuum cleaner to remove dust and then use damp cloth to rub off spots. You can also use brush with plastic bristles to raise the nap.
  • If your bean bag rentals in Dubai or furniture rental in Dubai cover is made up of leather then clean it with damp soapy cloth and also use leather conditioner after every few months.