When people think about football, the first they’d probably think of is Lionel Messi or David Beckham. Next is a player struggling to score a goal amid all the rough playing in an open field.

But, what is football? Where did it come from? Like any other sport, football is surely to have its roots from old games and simply evolved to what it is today.

In this post, we’re going to discuss a brief history of football and, perhaps, shed some light on how this game became popular that people would buy Man United tickets.

Going Back to Ancient Games

We trace the roots of football to the ancient games that civilization used to play. FIFA identified one of the early forms of football as Episkyros, a game that ancient Romans called when using an air-filled ball to play around with.

The first version of the football game, however, was adapted by the Chinese. This version of football was called Tsu’ Chu, which follows the same set of rules of today’s football – kicking a ball into a small net being held up by bamboo canes.

This Chinese ball game soon reached Japan, serving as another form of entertainment for the members of the Japanese imperial court. The rules were different and the games were less competitive. The most important rule is to not let the ball touch the ground as the players pass it around within a small circle they made.

Football may also have connections to other ball games played by indigenous people from different places, but with different variations on how to play the game.

Moving Towards a More Contemporary Sport

People continued playing different variations of football around the world, but it was in English public schools that rules were established on how to play the sport that we came to know today. Public schools soon adopted this sport to encourage team work, competitiveness, and fitness among the youth.

During the later years, clubs started to appear, with representatives from each club meeting to create The Football Association. The goal of the Association was to provide a unified code and regulate the mechanics of the game among members. Soon after, public schools were invited to join the Association.

The creation of football became more than just a simple sport to past the time; it brought nations together. With nations having their own national team, it’s no surprise a lot of football enthusiasts are eager to buy AC Milan football tickets. After all, the last thing they want is to miss the game of their favorite team.