No matter where in the world you travel to, the one thing for sure is that weddings will be celebrated with a ceremony everywhere. However, the fact of the matter is that these celebrations tend to differ between different nations and religions. But no matter how weddings are celebrated, there is always a ceremony to announce that a man and woman have now become husband and wife through famous wedding organizer in dubai
There are many different ways in which people enter into holy matrimony with each other. On the one hand, the couple may choose to fulfill all requirements for a civil wedding and have their ceremony performed by a civil official. On the other hand, they may have a religious wedding that is performed by a clergyman. Then there are those who choose to declare their love before witnesses and express their intention to get married. At times couples write down their marriage ceremony or read out a poem to each other. There are certain nations in which a marriage binding only takes place after a transfer of property. In some countries, marriage is pronounced only after blood is drawn from tiny scratches that are made on the couples’ hands. The union, in this case, is sealed once the blood gets mingled.

Now, there are certain customs associated with nuptial ceremonies that have no basis neither in civil law nor the church. For instance, it was back in the early Greek and Roman times that the bridal veil was worn as the result of a superstition. It was believed, back in the days, that the bridal veil had the potential to ward off evil spirits and keep them away from the couple. At the same time, the concept of best man and the ushers has come from an ancient practice too. As per the practice, these friends of the bridegroom were meant to help him carry away his wife, whereas those from the brides’ side were supposed to protect her against being captured by them.

There are certain nations in which attendants of the wedding make noises and light fires during the ceremony. This practice has also come down from ancient times wherein it was believed that brandishing weapons, waving torches, lighting fires and making noises would drive away unfriendly spirits and keep them away from the bridal couple. If anything, there are quite a few practices focused on preventing bad luck and keeping bad spirits away from the couple that have come down from generation to generation. To learn more about these practices click here