Customers may not be thinking about their credit card transactions until they get their bank statement, but this doesn’t mean you should be careless about charging them for any purchase. Double charges and fraudulent transactions can ruin your company’s reputation. This is why it’s important to secure your business transactions, especially credit card purchases.


Here are some safety measures to remember:


Ask for Identification


When someone pays via credit card, you shouldn’t assume that they are the owner of the credit card being used. Someone may have stolen it and is using it for an unauthorized purchase. Once the owner of the card reports it stolen, the transaction will be reversed, and you will have lost the items purchased. To prevent this from happening, be proactive in asking for identification. You can also use an encrypted system that stores a token instead of the credit card information of your clients, to prevent security breach.


Get Secure POS Terminals


Whether you’re buying or renting a POS terminal from POS machine suppliers in Dubai, you should be assured of the terminal’s security. It should be running on the latest and most secure operating system, and it should not show any signs of defect. Inspect the terminal thoroughly to avoid tampering. Before you start using it for a business transaction, test it to see if it’s working properly. You should also have the number of the machine supplier, so that you can easily contact them if you have questions about the terminal.


Make Sure Your Employees Know How to Use POS Terminals


You may have the most sophisticated credit card swipe machine in Dubai, but if your employees, who are manning the terminals, do not know how to use them, they will go to waste. As soon as you receive the new terminal, educate everyone about its proper use, and supervise them on their first transactions to avoid human errors such as cancelling a transaction or repeatedly charging the customer. Their expertise in handling the machine expedites the transaction and contributes to the satisfaction of your customers.


Securing credit card transactions is a task that you should never take for granted. Whether it’s your first time to offer credit card payments or you’ve been offering it for years, anything can happen. You don’t want to be facing problems with credit card transactions and losing customers because you don’t know how to handle them.