Access control systems have a remarkable track record in terms of security, efficiency, flexibility and reliability. They are highly beneficial in traffic management, investigating cases, keeping confidential documents and promoting overall security. Here are some places that need access control systems.

  1. Home

Your family’s security should always come first. Availing an access control system in Dubai households can help prevent intruders and strangers from entering our homes and from hurting our loves ones. The system can also protect our hard-earned properties. Finger print access control system is the best choice for homes.

  1. Banks

Money is extremely tempting. An access control system is highly necessary for banks, especially for facilities where cash, vaults and confidential documents are stored.  The best types of access control for banks are the key code and finger print systems, the ones with the highest level of security.

  1. Offices

Having automatic locking system in the office can help protect important documents, facilities, assets and client interest (if applicable). Plus, the management can track the history of the system in case circumstances require for investigation. The access control system can also help the management clock or limit the time of person in a facility. The most recommended access control systems for offices are the swipe cards and key codes.

Another famous system that many offices use nowadays is the attendance system which makes tracking the attendance of hundreds or even thousands of employees easier.

  1. Gyms

Equipment, programs and people are the bread and butter of gyms. An access control system can help protect all of these through controlling who can come in the cardio area, yoga room, shower rooms, locker, strength center, cashier and more. It can also help the trainers determine who are the members and guests. Gyms commonly prefer swipe card access control systems. Some gyms also opt for custom-designed access control systems.

  1. Hotels or Properties for Rent

Hundreds of people come in and out of hotels each day. That’s why most hotels use swipe card access control system to determine the clients per room and to also protect their things against thieves. Hotels usually have two types of access control systems. The first type is for customers and the second type is for the employees. This same thing applies for apartments and condominiums for rent. They need electronic locking to limit the amount of people who will enter the premises and to also protect their belongings.

There are many other places that need access control system. If you would like to inquire if your facility needs one, you may contact us. We, AME Technologies, are one of the access control system and fiber optic cable suppliers in Dubai. We are your partner in security. Let us know if you need assistance.