Team building activities are meant to foster rapport between employees of the same company. It is done to improve their teamwork, to improve their working relationships, and to provide an avenue for them to have fun and relax. It also allows different departments to interact with each other, and gives the executives more visibility within the organisation. If you are thinking of a team building activity for your team or for the whole company, here are some ideas they will surely enjoy:

  • Game Day

Team building activities that incorporate fun games are widely popular. Event management companies in dubai usually receive projects for such events, especially for companies that want to have a fun and huge event that will bring everyone in the company together. This type of event includes whole-day programs filled with fun activities and games, which are meant to unleash the competitive spirit of participants. You can have problem-solving games to test the analysing and problem-solving skills of participants. Or you can simply have fun games for everyone to enjoy. The best part is having prizes for the winners! That will surely lift their spirits and renew their enthusiasm for work.

  • Sports Fest

Like with Game Day, this event foster competition between employees but in a fun and friendly environment! Let them relive their days as the star football players and cheerleaders of their schools. It is easy to think of the sport activities to include – volleyball, football, baseball, table tennis, badminton, or basketball – but the challenging part is finding a venue where you can hold all of these activities. However, sports festivals are a very rewarding experience for employees, especially when it’s time for the awarding ceremony. You can also use this event to give out special awards to outstanding employees.

  • Talent Show

Do you know a colleague who sings very well? Or perhaps someone who used to join and win violin competitions? This is the time to turn the spotlight on their talents! Talent shows are a fun way to bring out the hidden talents of employees. This way, people can be recognised not just for their contributions to the company, but also for doing something they love and are proud of.

  • Charity Event

Involving your employees in a charity event is one way of giving them a chance to work together as a team, while helping other people in the process. A charity event will require organisation, communications, planning, and implementation. This can be a way for them to put their skills to the test, learn something new, and collaborate with their colleagues on something other than work.

  • Company Dinner

Most people think team building activities are limited to physical activities, but simply treating your employees to a sumptuous gastronomic feast is enough to boost their motivation and reignite their passion. It can be as simple as a pizza day for the whole company, or a buffet dinner at a famous restaurant.

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