Are you a business executive in a large bank? Do you manage a group of accountants and handle millions of client accounts daily? Are you fresh out of college, looking for new business gigs to do, and aiming to expand your professional network?

No matter how many years your work experience is, or how few people you may think you know, building a professional network is considered a necessity in this day and age. While more people appear to have thousands of friends on social media, the reality is there are only a certain number of people you can do business with, and even fewer people you can fully trust.

And while young professionals these days have probably forgotten the power of giving out a business card, the wiser, older people would still advise giving away a tangible piece of paper advertising you and your skills and services.

If you are interested in business card printing, Dubai designers suggest these factors to consider.

The Copy

First, you need to think of a catchphrase, something that accurately represents you as a professional. While a business card is not necessarily an ad, its purpose somehow covers that of getting great attention. You should of course print out your name, telephone number, an email address, and other relevant contact information. If you can’t think of a catchphrase that can fit on a 2 x 3 inch paper, be straightforward and include your job title or area of specialization.

The Font

Second, consider the right typeface and font sizes for your business card. There are tips on how to combine serif and sans serif fonts online, so educate yourself on this critical factor. Make sure everything’s still readable, though, unless you’re an optometrist offering eye checkups and reading glasses. Choose typefaces that are easy on the eyes yet exude character.

The Paper

Third, decide what paper or soft cardboard to use on your calling card. This goes hand in hand with the material, color, and font colors, too. You can go for classic beige business cards with black fonts, or go for any color in the spectrum if you think it fits your job and industry. You have control over this anyway. After all, you know what’s best for your career. Just put yourself in your potential business partner’s shoes and see if you’ll be impressed with the business card you’re sharing.

The Surprise

Once you’ve figured out what to writer, how to write it, and what to write it on, now it’s time to think of a surprise. What will make your business card stand out among the hundreds of other professionals’ business cards? What will help make an impression on your clients and your bosses? This is entirely up to you.

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