Welcoming 2018 is something that most homeowners look forward to. For some, the best way to start it is to make changes in their homes, like their kitchen. But with this space being used constantly to prepare meals and cook Holiday dishes, it is pretty hard to squeeze in some moment for upgrade.

But do not fret. There are quick and dead simple fixes you can do for your kitchen space and achieve the kitchen design in Dubai that you want before the year ends:

  • Declutter your cabinets


This is probably one of the most inexpensive upgrades that you can do. Freeing your cabinets from unnecessary clutter and equipment can do wonders for your kitchen. Once you removed the clutter, you can now start with making these cabinets a designer piece for your kitchen. Remove the cabinet doors and paint the insides of your cabinets. Once the paint is dry, you can stash in your collectibles and china for the visitors to see. Open shelving has been a trend in kitchen design. This upgrade is affordable and can be done in one day.


  • Install or upgrade your dishwasher


If you don’t have a dishwasher at home, you will probably be doing yourself a big favor by installing one. Not only it will look good on your kitchen, it will also help you on cleaning dishes and minimize the time you spend on getting everything cleaned. It might be a little pricey, but this is a worthy investment for you and your family. If you already have one, updating it to the latest model would be a good before-the-year upgrade.


  • Update the lights


You might not probably notice this, but your kitchen lights might need some reworking. Make your kitchen lit by replacing the bulbs. If you still have a day or two, you can install new light to make the kitchen look vibrant, even during evenings. Remember that you need ample light to cook and prepare your meal. An ill-lighted kitchen can also cause accidents. Upgrading it before the year ends might be necessary for your safety.


  • Try on a backsplash


Frying oil and other cooking residue are known to damage kitchen paint, especially the ones near the stove. It might be the best time to install a backsplash to prevent oil and moist from destroying and chipping the paint. The good thing about the backsplash is it can protect your paint and add some much-needed design on your kitchen space.

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